Profiles of Faculties

Smt. Kamala Ramanathan

Mrs. Kamala Ramanathan, is the founder-director of Madhura Ganalaya School of  Fine Arts and handles the vocal classes herself. She is a graduate in Music and has completed Music Higher and has received many titles like – Sangeetha Vidwan from Music Academy. Sreedas Trust honored her with the title Sangeetha Acharya Bhushan in the year 2015, Padma Bharathi Award by Padma Sarangapani Cultural Academy.

Guru Thivakulan Radhakrishnan

Shri. Thivakulan Radhakrishnan is a vidwan from Music Academy, Chennai. He is a teacher and a performer for the past 7years. He is handles vocal varnam classes, violin and keyboard classes. He trains and performs along with his students in their performances. He fine tunes the students voice quality and also their performance in varnam level. He has trained more than 60 students.

 Guru Sankar

Shri. Sankar is a vidwan in mridangam and has been with Madhura Ganalaya from the beginning. He has been training students in playing the mridangam for the past 7 years and he guides students in their performances. He earned the title Isai Mani from Music College, Chennai.