A1 : Swarali varisai, janda varisai, Mael Stayi varisai, small bhajans, devata    bhajans and 3 ashtakams
A2 : Thaatu varisai, Alankaram, 15 songs and 3 ashtakams
B1 * : 4 Geetham
B2 * : 5 Geetham, Swarajathi
C1 : Jathiswaram, Aadi thala varnam, Keerthanaigal 15, Gopika geethams, Stotram
C2 : Ada thala varnam, jamba thala varnam – in 2 different speeds. Krithis, Thillana, Swara thanangal in theory.

For B1 & B2 small songs, keerthanaigal and 3 ashtakams

Advanced courses are also conducted for students –

  • Swarangalin parinaamangal
  • Agaara ugaara magaara payirchi
  • Thisra varnam
  • Aalaapanai
  • Karpanaa swarangal
  • Niraval
  • Raagam Thalam Pallavi

+ 1 hr concert

Theory must for all groups

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