Our Mission

The broad objective of Madhura Ganalaya is to imbibe our age old value systems into the children through music.
This obviously seeds in the mind of students an awareness and desire to learn and adapt our rich heritage . We endeavour to accomplish the same by focusing on:

  • Imparting our ancient carnatic music in traditional style, through specialy designed curriculam.
  • Teach the children about the life and mission of our great gurus like Saint Thyagaraja Swamy, Sri Muthusamy Deekshidar, Sri Shyama Sastri,Purandaradass and other great composers from the length and breadth of  the country.
  • Explain the content and context of their great compositions.
  • Celebrate our traditional and national festivals to bring out their importance and values.
  • Give input to children to create mathru bhakti, pitru bhakti, guru bhakti, deiva bhakti and desa bhakti.
  • Appraise them of the values of our traditional family system, duties etc.
  • Organise special lectures of eminent persons during ffestivals and other events.